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Very highly recommended. Cant thank you and your lovely staff enough for the urgent out of hours care and attention you gave Dolly when she had a respiratory infection shortly after we adopted her from the rescue centre. Dr Luca was fantastic with her and the care and compassion we received on both visits was second to non. I have now moved all my dogs and 3 exotics over to this fabulous practice.

Karen Simsons


I’m so incredibly grateful for the help we received from Dr Luca last night working extremely hard to bring my little Elmo back to life. Elmo very quickly became seriously poorly and it felt like a race against time. We rushed him to Luca just as he was closing for the day but Luca stayed for hours with us to diagnose exactly what was wrong and giving him all the care and help he needed to allow him to be able to return back home with me that night. Without a doubt, Luca saved his life.
We aren’t out of the woods yet but knowing that we have Luca helping us a long the way is the biggest comfort and I also know that Luca cares for Elmo just as much as we do.
I have been taking Elmo to see Luca for the last couple of weeks as Elmo suffers with Patella Luxation as well as other complications. I have previously seen other vets and specialists before Luca came to Rasen who have either completely miss guided us or haven’t helped us at all. They all failed to notice that Elmo has a heart murmur too. Luca has given us so much time talking me through Elmo’s conditions and has been treating him in a way that I feel confident will help little Elmo walking again.
Thank you so much Dr Luca and the team and thank god you came to Rasen!!!

Jess Taylor-Dales


To all at Luca Vets, thank goodness you came to Rasen , we really need you guys.
My little dog was so unwell last night, I was so worried about her, I never thought I’d be able to get an appointment for her today. Thank you for seeing us so quickly. We hadn’t even registered yet.
Such a professional team, so much advice, empathy and care, for the pets and owner.
My little dog Button is more than grateful as am I , she feels so much better and Jenson is lucky boy even though he wasn’t there for a visit but the vet noticed his sore ear and prescribed medication on the spot, excellent observation and service... they are both happy content comfortable pupsters snoozing on the sofa this afternoon.
I Must add that all medication prescribed are tasty my dogs have not hesitated to consume , so stress free , what a bonus .
Excellent value and Excellent Service.
Thank you

Christina Taylor

Image by Ash Goldsbrough

LucaVet is very professional, knowledgeable and caring vet, compassionate and takes time to listen. We are thankful for the excellent care given to our dog with such professionalism. Very friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere. We couldn't ask for a better service and are blessed to have found LucaVet! We would highly recommend LucaVet!

Majo S. Rea

Dog in Cone

Highly recommended. Fantastic caring people. Excellent service provided by them. I will not be going anywhere else with our dogs. I'm So pleased i changed to Lucavet. Very reasonably priced too.

Emma Tulip Offa


Mr Luca is a lovely caring vet ,very attentive. Would definitely recommend this vets.

Sharon Chapman Coldron

Image by Waranya Mooldee

You’ve been absolutely amazing with my bunnies, thank you so much!! Would 100% recommend you to everyone!! The care you show for our animals is priceless xx

Chloe Sharp

Image by Marliese Streefland

Fantastic service friendly staff and my dog love him

Linda Cluggy Clugstone


Took our little hamster and there was alot of care and attention given to her and very good explanation given to me about treatment.

Hayley Perkins

Image by freestocks

Very attentive vet. Dr Luca talked extensively and knowledgeably about our dogs needs. Being a bulldog owner it’s really important to us to find a vet who isn’t negative about the breed and he’s certainly not. Thank you, we’re glad we’ve registered.

Linz Helen

Jack Russell

Took our puppy in today for a general check up and nail clip, Dr Luca was so lovely and helpful, sat and chatted with me for about 10 minutes about how his development is going and advising me on things I can consider in the future and he was really interested in getting to know my puppy and understanding him before examination. Makes such a difference even being able to go in the waiting room and feel welcomed rather than waiting in the car park like other vets. Couldn’t recommend him enough! Such a lovely practice with welcoming staff!

Vikki Rook

Image by Jae Park

,,He is a really caring vet and I can’t wait until it opens up in Market Rasen''

Celia Grooms

Image by Karsten Würth

I have nothing but positive words for the vet here. He undoubtedly saved our Lab's life. He has all the qualities you would ever all for in a vet; intuition, patience, empathy, amazing communication and above all else, an absolute love it animals and their welfare. Would never use anybody else for our pets.

Kerry James

Image by John Holden

Good luck with everything. I personally can recommend these guys. This vet has so much compassion and care. An absolute asset to Market Rasen.

Craig Smith

Image by James Barker

 ,,The Vet Liviu has been treating my dogs, he is an absolute fantastic Vet, he knows what he is doing, and gets things done, he actually cares for your pets and I trust him 100%''

Julie Mccann


I have just been to Luca with my 2 Golden Retrievers Molly and Phoebe. Was very impressed how he engaged with my dogs before taking them the the examination room. Gave them both a good check over and clearly explain treatment they needed. I will recommend his practice with out hesitation. Good luck for you future .

Kim Elston


I can’t say how grateful I am that Dr Luca has moved to Market Rasen. He’s certainly the best vet in this area.I have six French Bulldogs, two of which have already been treated under him. As he owns a French Bulldog it is reassuring that he knows the breed. Diagnosis is spot on and the treatment has worked within days. One of my girls had a deep aggressive wound which looked awful. A previous vet had given the wrong treatment but she was on the mend within days of the right antibiotics and cream. I can’t thank the team enough.

Vicky Holt

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